Joana Alarcão

Editor and Founder

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Joana Alarcão is a Portuguese Eco-artist and journalist that works primarily within the concepts of social/environmental justice and culture.Complementary to her studio practice she founded the online platform Insights of an Eco Artist and has worked with magazines such as Women to Women, African vibes, Gatekeeper, and the NGO Creative Conscious and Arts Help.


The values of freedom in art- Ai Weiwei the ceaseless voice for the voiceless.

The traditions of a fading society, the roots of ancient history weaving itself with the rich and dynamic imaginaries of the contemporary world.

Because Representation Matters- Interview with the founder of They Did I Can Too.

In the Platform -They Did I Can Too – there are sections such as profiles on historical individuals, career information,and interviews of individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Interview with Interdisciplinary Visual Artist KristofLab

"Landscapes are transforming. The human footprint is so united with the natural environment that “untouched area” has become a separate concept, and human presence can be felt everywhere. "