Episode: 11

Art and Activism with Melanie Oliva

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This season we have a very interesting group of artists from all around the world and for this first episode, I have with me Miami artist and artivist Melanie Oliva.

She founded the collective artful activist and Inspiration Pollination to raise awareness of endangered fauna and flora and bring the conversation about social atmospheres to the general public, opening the door to create change in policies.

We had a very inspirational conversation, looking at how art interventions can influence change not only individually but also at the political level.

Sound artist Annabelle Galea


Episode: 05

Understanding the built environment – with the artist Clara Bowe

Interdisciplinary artist Clara Bowe art is driven by the need to understand the built environment.

Episode: 03

The case for Artistic Freedom

In light of current events, with individual rights being jeopardized worldwide, I want to stretch the importance of such rights on the quality of life of individuals and societies.