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Welcome to season 1 of “Insights of an Eco Artist.” I’m Joana Alarcão, your host, Eco artist and culture writer. If you are an artist who wishes to create creative positive change in the world or a culture enthusiast who worries about the impact of social and environmental injustice, I’m sure you have asked. Does art have the power to change people and ideas? What is the importance of art? Why does it matter? and What innovative ideas are people creating to approach current problems?

I delve into these questions and showcase worldwide artists and cultural movements that embody this fight to bring positive change into the world. This is a podcast about art, culture, social and environmental events. A culture digest with news and insights about the art world and Eco and social artists thriving in it.

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Episode: 05

Understanding the built environment – with the artist Clara Bowe

Interdisciplinary artist Clara Bowe art is driven by the need to understand the built environment.

Episode: 03

The case for Artistic Freedom

In light of current events, with individual rights being jeopardized worldwide, I want to stretch the importance of such rights on the quality of life of individuals and societies.