Episode: 06

The art scene in Singapore and Indonesia- Art from the lenses of art journalist Naima Morelli -Part 1

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Today, I have with me Naima Morelli, an Italian art writer, journalist and curator specializing in contemporary art from Asia-Pacific and the MENA region. Aiming to create meaningful connections She is a regular contributor to many prestigious international magazines and also published three books on Southeast Asian contemporary art. Wearing many hats, Naima also illustrates and writes Graphic novels among her many journalistic endeavors.

We had a very fruitful conversation about contemporary art in Singaporean and Indonesian and how she goes from a conversation with artists to written pieces and books. Due to the many insights shared in our conversation, the podcast is divided into two parts. For now, without further ado let’s dive into the 1 part of the interview.


Episode: 05

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Episode: 03

The case for Artistic Freedom

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