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Send us your submission to be featured in Insights of an Eco Artist Online Magazine

Insights of an Eco Artist Interviews is a way for artists to articulate their vision and promote their work  through a web published art dialogue.

The artists are interviewed by the founder & artist Joana Alarcão to highlight their artistic career and explore how artistic interventions play a crucial role in bringing conversation forward about social political atmospheres and climate issues.



  • Artists and writers whose work is focused on eco and social issues are welcome to submit their work. All techniques are welcome.

  • All techniques are welcome.

  • Artists from all countries are welcome to submit.

  • Artists interviewed in the past can submit new works.


  • FREE Submission for applicants. Artists can apply for FREE. 


  • A personal interview will be sent to the artist, including 10 questions.

  • Selected artworks will be featured alongside the interview.

  • Interviews will be published permanently on our platform 

  • The interviews are digital, they are not published in the print magazine. 

  • It is important to read the application before applying. The applications that do not follow the guidelines will be rejected.


  • Artists can submit one or many works. Email us your bio, portfolio and artists statement.

  • Please email your material to with the Subject: “INTERVIEW SUBMISSION” at any time.

  • All applications need to be in English.

  • Contact details and supporting information must be provided through the same application. Only one application is permitted.


Only selected artists will be notified of results via email.

Good Luck!

Insights of an Eco Artist Team 


Featured Interviews

In conversation: 
Sarah Strachan

In conversation:
Sarah Strachan

This interview offers an insight into the world of a transdisciplinary artist Sarah Strachan, who navigates environmental changes through meaningful engagements with people, landscapes, and materials. Through printmaking, painting, and ceramics, the artist crafts installations that blur the boundaries between art forms, often incorporating sound and moving imagery. Ultimately, her work beckons us to question habitual perspectives, inviting exploration of the liminal spaces found within objects, materials, and the spaces they forge.

In conversation: Sève Favre

In conversation: Sève Favre

Our featured artist today is Sève Favre a Swiss and Belgian creative force, exploring painting, drawing, installation, and digital art. Through interactive artworks, immersive installations, and thought-provoking experiences, Sève invites viewers to engage with landscapes, colors, and the urgent topics of climate and social change. The artist's art embodies the ideals of integration, diversity, and action, seamlessly bridging the gap between art and audience.

In conversation: Zhang Fan

In conversation: Zhang Fan

Today we are speaking with Zhang Fan, an artist living and working in Wuhan, China. Zhang Fan's unique perspective on life and his thought-provoking critiques have gained attention and sparked reflection in the midst of challenging times. With a deep understanding of the fragility of existence and a desire to shed light on pressing societal issues, Zhang Fan invites us to delve into his profound insights.

In conversation: Chris Wilmott

In conversation: Chris Wilmott

In this interview, we speak with Chris Wilmott, an acclaimed artist and writer whose collaborative work received a nomination for the 8th International Marianne Brandt Award in 2022. With a background in business and the water industry, Chris's artistic endeavors explore themes of coastal cities, art intersecting science, human security, social justice, and uncertainty. As a non-scientist board member of Climanosco, Chris actively promotes climate science accessibility, while also participating in the Tran-Generatives 2030 network for sustainability transformations. Recently, Chris served as a panelist at the 2023 E4HS conference, highlighting the vital role of arts education in human security.

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