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Welcome to the "Green + Just" section of our magazine, where we explore the intersection of environmental, political and social justice and art. This section is dedicated to highlighting the organizations and initiatives that are working to address the environmental challenges that are affecting increasingly more people and communities around the globe and to promote a more prosperous relationship with nature through the lens of art.

We believe that art has the power to inspire change and that it can be a powerful tool for environmental and social justice activism. Through our coverage of art organizations and initiatives that are working at the intersection of environmental, social justice, and art, we hope to showcase the transformative potential of art to promote positive social, political and environmental change.


In this section, we will share stories of artists and art organizations who are using their creative talents to bring attention to environmental justice and social justice issues, as well as news and events related to these issues. We will also provide resources and tools for our readers to get involved in environmental justice and social justice work through the arts.


Join us as we explore the intersection of environmental, political and social justice, art and work towards a more just and prosperous future for all.


Welcome to the i3C group interviews, where we delve into the creative minds of talented artists from the i3C community. i3C, short for "inspiring Change for the Climate Crisis Artists", is a collective of artists that aims to inspire awareness of the human-made climate crisis & to inspire change/action towards the resolution of the environmental and climate crisis. They do this through iterations of group exhibits and meaningful community outreach programming.

Welcome to the UAAD Collective Interviews, where we embark on a journey into the captivating world of UAAD artists. UAAD, or Underground Art and Design, is a dynamic collective of artists dedicated to creating a supportive and expressive community through art.

UAAD's vision transcends boundaries as they coexist, communicate, and collectively express themselves within creative spaces. Through their diverse artistic endeavors, they challenge established narratives and compel audiences to reflect on intricate systems they are part of


Welcome to the Montello Foundation interview, where we speak with its founder Stefan Hagen. Nestled in its serene natural surroundings, the Montello Foundation Retreat offers a haven for artists seeking respite and inspiration. It serves as a sanctuary for artists from various disciplines, giving them the time and space to cultivate their craft and connect with the environment.

We introduce you to Converge Collaborative Interviews, where we embark on a captivating journey into the minds of talented individuals who make up the Converge Collaborative community.

Converge Collaborative, often abbreviated as Converge, is a collective of visionary artists and creators united by their commitment to inspiring change and fostering collaboration. It serves as a hub for innovative ideas and impactful projects.


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