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Converge Collaborative

We introduce you to Converge Collaborative Interviews, where we embark on a captivating journey into the minds of talented individuals who make up the Converge Collaborative community.

Converge Collaborative, often abbreviated as Converge, is a collective of visionary artists and creators united by their commitment to inspiring change and fostering collaboration. It serves as a hub for innovative ideas and impactful projects.

In these interviews, we delve into the artistic and creative minds of the Converge community members. Our goal is to showcase their unique perspectives, creative processes, and contributions to addressing contemporary challenges.

Converge Collaborative is driven by a mission to inspire awareness and action on critical issues. Much like i3C's dedication to addressing the climate crisis, Converge aims to bring about change by harnessing the power of art and collaboration. Through group exhibitions, cross-disciplinary projects, and meaningful community engagement, Converge Collaborative members work together to spark conversations, provoke thoughts, and drive change. 

Join us in celebrating the artists and creators of Converge Collaborative as we explore their artistic journeys, inspirations, and the positive impact they make through their collaborative efforts.

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Amy Yoshitsu, a remarkable individual at the forefront of the Converge Collaborative, where the power of innovation and collaboration intersect. In this conversation, Amy will share her unique insights and experiences, shedding light on the transformative work being done by the Converge Collaborative. Prepare to delve into the world of innovation, creativity, and cross-disciplinary cooperation as we explore how this collaborative is shaping a new way of creating.


Welcome to today's written interview with Michelle McCrary, a member of Converge Collaborative and the host of The Curious Roots podcast which digs deep in the living earth of our personal, familial and communal lives to help us understand how we exist in the world today.


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In this  interview, we have the pleasure of speaking with Katie Giritlian, a versatile artist and organizer. Katie is a book maker and designer known for her creativity and passion for visual storytelling. She currently resides in New York, NY, on traditional Munsee Lenape territory.

Katie's skills encompass education design, visual design, writing, and visual critical studies. She collaborates with cultural centers, artists, community organizers, educators, and young learners to create environments that foster learning and critical thinking.

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