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Emma Thomson

Former Contributing Writer


‘Hydro – Solar – Wind’ – Interview with artist Sarah Calmus

The second artist from the exhibition that I am writing an article about is Sarah Calmus.
Sarah’s work at the exhibition was called ‘Hydro – Solar – Wind’ (2020), a video piece that incorporated data on renewable energy.

My Family’s Immigration Story

My family has benefited, and been formed in part, due to immigration mainly through my mother’s family. Here is my family’s story.

The unconventional appeal of everyday objects- Interview with the artist Helen Grundy

The first artist from the exhibition that I will feature is Helen Grundy.
At the exhibition, there were three of Helen’s artworks on display – part of a series called ‘FEARMAIL’. For the series, Helen has used envelopes to create collages, I found this quite interesting because it is something that I have never come across before in art.

Resolve: A Creative Approach to the Circular Economy – Exhibition Review

I recently went to an exhibition called ‘Resolve: A Creative Approach to the Circular Economy’ on March 5th 2022.

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