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Nana Smith

Contributing Writer

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Nana Smith is a cultural writing contributor based in London. Her writing focuses mainly on entrepreneurs and artists who aim to alleviate environmental and societal issues, whether that would be in their local community or beyond. Beyond Insights of an Eco Artist, she does some contemplative essays and travel-writing (Italy frequently pops up), increasingly interweaving the practice of conscious or meaningful travel.


Urban Farming: the modern version of Rus In Urbe

Growing food in the city aims to tackle the climate crisis, and it’s a practice on the rise. Are there similarities to the concept which Romans called Rus in Urbe? Monocle’s podcast “Farming in the City” gave me an insight into the (potential) alternative solution to feeding citizens, binding the community, and reducing food miles.

Food waste: do we need more surplus food cafés and restaurants?

A volunteering experience at the community-run ReFuse Café in County Durham questions how we can deal with such a crisis

Human - what is it to be a human in the world of suffering?

The Prix Pictet photography and sustainability competition draws our attention to the definition of human in times of hardship with striking imagery.

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