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Joana Alarcão

Editor and Founder

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Joana Alarcão is a Portuguese Eco-artist and journalist that works primarily within the concepts of social/environmental justice and culture.Complementary to her studio practice she founded the online platform Insights of an Eco Artist and has worked with magazines such as Women to Women, African vibes, Gatekeeper, and the NGO Creative Conscious and Arts Help.


In conversation: Katerina Pravda

Conversation with artist Katerina Pravda whose artistic inclinations bow to the graceful intermingling of endangered species, elegant people, and their ever-changing environment.

Questioning current global atmospheres: artist Ken Clarry develops societal and non-violent political art interventions

Artist Ken Clarry examines the political and global cooperative atmospheres with a cross-disciplinary practice that makes us wary of concrete moral ideologies.

In conversation: Désirée Jung

The first of our new feature series, writer and illustrator, Désirée Jung takes the stand, leading us through her journey as an artist. With multiple poetry and fiction published in several magazines around the world, the Brazilian-born artist creates both illustrations, writings and videos capturing the essence of being a human in today's world.

Searching for authenticity artist Antonis Tsrouchas reflects individual and societal pressures.

The forthcoming practice of greek artist Antonis Tsrouchas whose openness around the subject of personal journey and struggles, remind us of the unmatched beauty of one's experience and character.

In conversation: Valentin Bakardjiev

We had the opportunity to interview award-winning multimedia artist Valentin Bakardjiev whose practice connects the past with the present using traditional techniques - focusing on creating a more sustainable practice: using natural, recycled and upcycled materials. Go have a look!

The values of freedom in art- Ai Weiwei the ceaseless voice for the voiceless.

The traditions of a fading society, the roots of ancient history weaving itself with the rich and dynamic imaginaries of the contemporary world.

In conversation: Agnes Gomori

Explore the artistic journey of Agnes Gomori, a visionary artist and healer, as she shares insights into her deep connection with nature, heritage, and the universe. Discover the transformative power of handmade digital painting, the influence of daily walks on her visual narratives, and the unique blend of art and healing in her creative process. Join the conversation and dive into the world of Agnes Gomori's captivating and spiritually infused artworks.

In Conversation: James Mellor

Venture on a fascinating voyage through the profound realms of mental health as we delve into the artistry of James Mellor. Through the intricate language of mixed media, Mellor weaves a visual narrative that mirrors the complexities of the human psyche. Join us in an exploration of emotions, experiences, and the enigmatic nature of mental well-being, as the artist invites viewers to embrace the unexpected, break down stigma, and discover the beauty in the intricate layers of our own minds.

In conversation: Cecilia-Xixi Liu

This interview with Cecilia-Xixi Liu, an artist and illustrator, delves into her unique approach to blending art, nature, and sustainability. Through her work, she explores the concept of the Anthropocene and the interconnection between humans and the natural world. Liu's use of natural materials and recycled items in her art reflects her commitment to environmental consciousness. Her upcoming project, a response to the Sustainable Development Goals #15: Life on Earth, promises to offer a thought-provoking visual narrative.

In conversation: IJWBAA

Dive into the enigmatic world of IJWBAA (also known as Pao or Paul Hafalla), a versatile artist weaving digital and traditional realms to explore the depths of human identity. From Rothko's minimalism to Giacometti's elongated forms, join us on a journey that transcends visual representation. In this captivating interview, IJWBAA peels back the layers of individual identity, culture, and the human experience, inviting you to contemplate the profound dimensions of the human soul.

Human and nature: the naturalistic paintings of Yaroslav Leonets

Featured Ukraine artist Yaroslav Leonets embodies the battle for communication and connection by exploring the atmospheres surrounding him while striving to portray the beauty behind nature and human interaction.

Because Representation Matters- Interview with the founder of They Did I Can Too.

In the Platform -They Did I Can Too – there are sections such as profiles on historical individuals, career information,and interviews of individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds.

In conversation: Gabrielė Kuizinaitė

In this interview, join the captivating artistic journey of Gabrielė Kuizinaitė, an international visual artist and digital photographer based in Kaunas, Lithuania. From her roots in art criticism to becoming a member of the Lithuanian Photographers Union, Kuizinaitė discusses her therapeutic abstract pictures, the philosophy behind her acclaimed collection "Cosmical Pictures," and the impactful role she plays in the global art community.

In conversation: Nima Javan

Join Nima Javan on his artistic journey, where he discusses his mission to address environmental challenges through works like "Earth 2." Explore the symbolism in his art inspired by Persian miniatures, and learn about his approach to balancing tradition with contemporary expression. Javan emphasizes the transformative power of art in raising awareness, leaving readers with a call to commit to a healthier and more peaceful world.

In conversation: Mikky Kuang

Delve into the enchanting world of film photography through the lens of Mikky Kuang. Her work intricately weaves delicate emotions with the resounding power of nature, capturing the seamless fusion of humanity and the natural world. Each photograph invites viewers to explore the intimate dance between femininity, vulnerability, and the boundless beauty of our planet. Discover the delicate and fierce, the gentle and relentless, as the artist unveils the timeless connection between the fragility of the feminine spirit and the enduring elements of nature.

In conversation:
Sarah Strachan

This interview offers an insight into the world of a transdisciplinary artist Sarah Strachan, who navigates environmental changes through meaningful engagements with people, landscapes, and materials. Through printmaking, painting, and ceramics, the artist crafts installations that blur the boundaries between art forms, often incorporating sound and moving imagery. Ultimately, her work beckons us to question habitual perspectives, inviting exploration of the liminal spaces found within objects, materials, and the spaces they forge.

In conversation: Leonardo Flores

Professional illustrator Leonardo Flores creates illustrations depicting
the relationship between the animal and the industrial. And how that is expressed both individually and collectively. We had the chance to interview Flores, who lead us through his experiences as an artist.

Interview with Interdisciplinary Visual Artist KristofLab

"Landscapes are transforming. The human footprint is so united with the natural environment that “untouched area” has become a separate concept, and human presence can be felt everywhere. "

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