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In conversation: Agnes Gomori

Joana Alarcão

Explore the artistic journey of Agnes Gomori, a visionary artist and healer, as she shares insights into her deep connection with nature, heritage, and the universe. Discover the transformative power of handmade digital painting, the influence of daily walks on her visual narratives, and the unique blend of art and healing in her creative process. Join the conversation and dive into the world of Agnes Gomori's captivating and spiritually infused artworks.

30 January 2024

I’m a multidisciplinary artist, who’s a big believer in the combined healing power of art, nature, and laughter.
In the last few years, handmade digital painting and drawing have become my main channel for artistic self-expression. I often take nature-based photos during my daily walks and use it as my inspiration to create a visual story of the otherwise, physically unseen world.

My work reflects my deep connection with my heritage, nature, and the divine source. Before I start my creative work, I channel the higher realms, and allow the theme of my artworks to emerge intuitively. In that sense, I consider my art as messages from the Universe.

As a highly intuitive empath, I learnt to harmoniously intertwine art and healing in my life. For each commission, I offer the ‘healing with art’ experience, whereby I channel healing energy into the artwork.

Humour plays a big part in my life and creative work. Even if an artwork has a more serious theme, I insert magical elements, such as imaginary creatures, to ease its heaviness. They are a reminder that when we believe in magic; we open the doors to possibilities around us.

Can you elaborate on your artistic journey and how it led you to become the artist that you are today?

Ever since I can remember, I was always drawing and painting or did something creative. I always saw faces on the clouds in the sky, on the tree trunks or in the pattern of a leaf. I thought everyonecould see them! Often there was a whole storyline that came into my mind and just wanted to paint it straight away.

After high school, I studied interior design and didn’t continue with my art studies. Even though I was regularly creating in different art forms. Besides painting and drawing, I was also sculpting, writing music, singing, and writing poetry. 

Despite that, it took me a long time to emerge as the artist I am today. In fact, it was only after I suffered from a serious burnout that I realised that life is far too precious not to use our talents to their full extent. 


How has the shift to handmade digital painting and drawing in the past few years influenced the depth and scope of your artistic self-expression?

I’d say it gave me much more freedom, as I’m no longer confined to space. Living in London space is always scarce. Being able to work digitally took this pressure away. 

When I connect with the Universe, it's like having a direct line of communication, as if we engage in a two-way conversation. But that also means that I need to have the means to act on it quickly to capture its essence. 

As someone who is constantly flooded with ideas, I've come to accept that it's unrealistic to dedicate time to every single spark of inspiration. Digital drawing and painting allow me to jot down different ideas and then work on them later. Inspiration is always within reach, but I had to learn the importance of prioritisation of my art projects.

A Painting of Agnes Gomori.
Calling for Unity by Agnes Gomori. Image courtesy of Agnes Gomori.
How do your daily walks and nature-based photography inspire and shape the visual narratives you create, unveiling the otherwise unseen aspects of the world?

As a child, I had a growing awareness of a hidden world that surrounds us, often referred to as the 'unseen' realm. But for me, it was never unseen. That was always my reality. I have an immense connection with nature. I simply must be out in the fresh air, surrounded by trees. 

When I go for my walk, I can sense the healing energies magnified as nature cleanses us from any lingering negativity and replenishes us with restorative energy. With my nature-based photography, I try to capture the essence of the energy I experienced and use it as a baseline to create a visual story.

As I connected more often to the Higher Realms, our conversation became increasingly insightful and enlightening. Soon, I could feel/hear/see these messages in real time. That speeded up everything and changed the narrative in my art too. 

Could you elaborate on how your work reflects your deep connection with your heritage, nature, and the divine source, and how these elements manifest in your artistic themes?

They are such essential components of my life that living a fulfilled life without them wouldn’t be possible. My ancestral heritage is filling my heart with warmth and pride. The connection to the divine source and nature allows me to feel connected to other energies on a universal level.

This blissful existence didn’t happen overnight though. Like so many of us, I, too, slipped into the mould of what society expects us to fit in. I felt as if I was drowning as if I didn’t have oxygen because I was so disconnected from my core. I healed myself by establishing a daily routine of creating art, being out in nature, and cutting out the noise. That level of conscious living allowed me to find peacefulness within. From then on, my artistic themes revolved around these experiences.  

A painting of Agnes Gomori
Searching for lost love by Agnes Gomori. Image courtesy of Agnes Gomori
Can you tell us about a specific piece of work that embodies these concepts?

The returning themes of my art are about peace, love, inclusivity, and unity. I will forever live by these values. Therefore, it’d be hard to choose just one piece. But some of the examples are: ‘Calling for Unity’, ‘The magician has arrived’, ‘Past-life lovers reunited’ or ‘The Initiation of the Circus Director’. They can be viewed on my website


You mentioned that you perceive your art as messages from the universe. Can you elaborate on this line of thought?

Of course. I’m a natural born healer and received messages from the Higher Realms throughout my life. For many years, I didn’t want to acknowledge them because it was overwhelming. Since then, I learnt to protect my energy, and I’m grateful that I can use this gift for the higher good.

I interact with my Spirit Guides daily and do readings for others, too. I’m able to read the Akashic Records and identify past lives. This led me to do automatic writing. Later, I made the decision to let my intuition guide me while creating my art.

Because of that, sometimes a bustling crowd of messengers or energies eagerly try to make their presence known in the most comical manner! Just like in this life, some of them are pushier while others are shy. My fundamental rule is that I only let in positive and healing energy.


A Painting by Agnes Gomori
The Magician has arrived by Agnes Gomori. Image courtesy of Agnes Gomori.

As an intuitive empath, how do you harmoniously intertwine art and healing in your life, particularly with the 'healing with art' experience you offer for each commission?

I used to think that I ought to separate art and energy healing. But by doing that, I made a division in my soul. I felt tormented because they are both very much part of who I am. Is it never right to deny a core element of who we are. It was through creating healing art pieces that I rediscovered a sense of wholeness.

I create two types of visual art. I either channel the messages which are to be shared for all, or I channel it for an individual and create personalised artwork that way. For the former, I communicate with my Spirit Guides, and for the latter, I connect to the client’s Spirit Guides. I’m also helping the clients by looking into their past lives to find any negative self-beliefs that are holding them back. I channel healing energy into each of my artworks.


As a big believer in the combined healing power of art, nature, and laughter, how does the element of laughter manifest in your creative process, and what role does it play in the overall impact of your work?

Laughter, like love, is an absolute key ingredient to positive human experiences. I grew up with lots of laughter in my family and all these years later, it’s still very much present amongst us. I’m talking about real belly laughter where you nearly fall off the chair!

This strong impulse from my childhood has shaped my need to recreate this feeling throughout my life. My art in this sense is also the reflection of these early life experiences. Laughter, like art and nature, is medicine! For instance, as I work on a piece, amusing little creatures seem to magically appear, lending a playful element to my artworks. 

A Painting by Agnes Gomori.
He turned out to be an Ange by Agnes Gomori. Image courtesy of Agnes Gomori.
In your opinion, how can art contribute to raising awareness and being a positive driving force in the current contemporary atmosphere?

Without art, life would be very bleak indeed. The beauty and the healing that art can offer is much needed right now. Art also plays an important part in reacting to world affairs, and so it should. The freedom of expression is not a given for all, even though it is a basic human right. My part as an artist and healer is to promote peace, love, unity, and inclusivity. 

What message or call to action would you like to leave our readers with?

I strongly believe in the power of supporting one another, and I am thrilled to connect with all of you, dear readers. I’m open for past-life portrait commissions, and healing with art commissions where I connect with your Spirit Guides. You can find me on Instagram @artgomori or via my website

Cover Image:

Image courtesy of Agnes Gomori.

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