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Welcome to the i3C group interviews, where we delve into the creative minds of talented artists from the i3C community. i3C, short for "inspiring Change for the Climate Crisis Artists", is a collective of artists that aims to inspire awareness of the human-made climate crisis & to inspire change/action towards the resolution of the environmental and climate crisis. They do this through iterations of group exhibits and meaningful community outreach programming.

In this captivating series of interviews, we have the privilege of sitting down with some of the brilliant artists who call i3C home. Through these interviews, we aim to uncover their unique artistic journeys, sources of inspiration, the stories behind their captivating creations and their thoughts on being part of a collective. 

Whether you're an art enthusiast, a fellow artist, or simply curious about the world of art and ecology, these interviews offer a fascinating glimpse into the world of i3C artists.

Stay tuned as we embark on this inspiring journey through the minds and studios of the i3C artists, shedding light on their artistic expressions and the boundless possibilities of creative collaboration.

cover image of the green+just interviews with Adriana Prat

In this first episode, we have a special guest, Adriana Prat, the visionary curator and artist behind the i3c Artists Collective. Join us as we embark on a captivating journey to explore how art can be a powerful tool in addressing the pressing environmental challenges that impact communities worldwide.


Adriana Prat will share her insights and experiences in harnessing the creative spirit to drive positive change. Don't miss this enlightening episode that promises to inspire, educate, and ignite your passion for a greener and more just world. Tune in and join the conversation as we bridge the gap between art and environmental stewardship. Learn more about Adriana Prat and the i3c Artists Collective at i3c Artists Collective.

cover image of the green+just interviews with Sarah Meyers Brent

In our upcoming episode, we are thrilled to introduce a remarkable guest, Sarah Meyers Brent, a visual artist known for her tactile paintings and sculptures assembled out of repurposed materials.

During this interview, Sarah will share her insights and experiences, revealing how her creative spirit becomes a powerful tool in addressing contemporary challenges. 

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cover image of the green+just interviews with Michelle Lougee

In our third interview, we are excited to introduce a special guest, Michelle Lougee, a fiber artist, sculptor, and ceramist whose works address the impact of our consumerist society on nature.

During this episode, Lougee will share her insights and experiences, creative process, inspirations, her experiences with the i3C Group and unveil the ways in which art serves as a powerful tool for addressing contemporary challenges.

cover image of the green+just interviews with Rebecca McGee Tuck

In this episode, we are delighted to introduce a talented artist, Rebecca McGee Tuck, a renowned sculptor and fiber artist known for her innovative use of found objects and assemblage techniques. During this episode, we will delve into her creative process, inspirations, and the profound impact her art has on both the art community and society as a whole.

Through her work, Rebecca McGee Tuck challenges conventional boundaries and offers new insights into the power of art as a means of self-expression and societal reflection. She will share her experiences and the transformative potential of art in addressing contemporary issues.

cover image of the green+just interviews with Yulia Shtern

In the sixth interview of this series, we introduce you to a remarkable artist and innovator, Yulia Shtern. With a rich background in both theatre design and visual arts, Yulia has ventured into a world where creativity meets environmental consciousness. 


In this episode, Yulia will share her insights and experiences in the realm of sustainable artistry and will reveal how she has harnessed the power of up-cycled materials to create meaningful, environmentally conscious works of art.

cover image of the green+just interviews with Michaela Morse

In this featured episode, we introduce you to Michaela Morse, an interdisciplinary artist with a profound commitment to engaging deeply with both people and materials in her work. Her artistic journey has been a fascinating exploration of the intricate relationships between humanity, our immediate environments, and the greater Earth body.


From research to realization, Michaela invites her community and the very materials she works with to contribute to her art. Her journey embodies a commitment to complicity and justice in our shared existence on this planet. Join us as we delve into the world-centered thinking of Michaela Morse and her extraordinary artistic journey.

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