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Care is Art, Art is Care- Virtual Exhibition



Introducing the "Care is Art, Art is Care" Online Exhibition, presented in collaboration with UAAD - Underground Art and Design. We extend a warm invitation to artists from across the globe to join us in a vibrant showcase honouring the profound intersection of art and care for individuals, society, and the planet.

In a society where kindness and empathy can be undervalued, we are in search of artists who demonstrate a strong dedication to enriching our world through their creative expression. "Care is Art, Art is Care" is not just an exhibition but a testament to the transformative power of art in fostering empathy, understanding, and change.

Insights of an Eco Artist is a media platform committed to spotlighting art that delves into urgent social, political, and ecological concerns.With a worldwide audience, we offer artists a prominent platform to magnify their voices and spark impactful conversations and initiatives.

This exhibition is proudly presented in collaboration with UAAD, a visionary creative studio and artist-run organization renowned for its expertise in virtual exhibitions and its track record of pioneering successful initiatives in contemporary art and design.

Selected artists will see their works featured in an immersive virtual exhibition, where each piece plays a vital role in shaping the overarching narrative, serving as more than just an avenue for audience engagement with the themes at hand but also dynamically participating in an ongoing and essential dialogue surrounding environmental and social justice.

Artists will also have the chance to engage with peers and curators, discussing their creations.

Submission Details:

Eligibility: Artists from all backgrounds are encouraged to submit their artworks, provided they engage with themes of care, sustainability, and ecological justice.

Global Participation: We welcome submissions from artists around the globe, recognizing that environmental issues know no borders.

Returning Artists: Previous participants are encouraged to submit new works, further contributing to our collective dialogue on care and art.

Submission Process:

Accepted Mediums: We accept all mediums and formats

Selection Process: Our curatorial team will carefully review all submissions to ensure the exhibition represents a diverse and impactful array of perspectives.

Exhibition Showcase: Selected artists will have their work prominently featured in our online exhibition, reaching a global audience passionate about art and sustainability.

Q&A Session: During the exhibition opening, there will be a live Q&A session with the participating artists, providing an opportunity for deeper insights into their creative process and inspiration.

Permanent Exhibition: Your artwork will remain on our digital platform as a testament to your dedication to care and creativity, inspiring future generations to follow in your footsteps.

Join us in redefining art as a tool for care and compassion. Together, let's showcase the beauty of a world where "Care is Art, Art is Care."

Apply here.

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