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Capturing Changing Landscapes and The Human Condition with Photographer Armando Ribeiro

Embark on an enchanting voyage in this episode as we delve into the mesmerizing world of photographer Armando Ribeiro. Join us as we unravel the captivating narratives woven through his evocative images, exploring ever-changing landscapes and delving into the depths of the human experience

Episode: 31

In this episode, join us as we journey through the lens of a remarkable photographer, ⁠Armando Ribeiro⁠, and discover the captivating stories told through his evocative images. Explore the ever-mutating landscapes and delve into the heart of the human condition with us!


I was born in 1976 in Angola, but had to flee with my family soon after amidst rising tensions and civil war. My childhood was spent dreaming about travelling and discovering long lost ancient civilisations, a passion that evolved into taking photographs of everything surrounding me - and trying to portray some of the issues that humanity faces within modern societies. My work explores concepts relating to changing landscape, global environment and the human condition. I am especially drawn to the ever-mutating landscape, be it man-made or natural and the jarring juxtaposition of countryside and urban environments.

black and white image of a man carring a  huge metal star

a photo of a man sitting with a red scarf on hos head and a beige suit

A woman in a blue dress holding flowers

Images courtesy of Armando Ribeiro.

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