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From Sketch to Story with Portuguese Illustrator Cláudia Lopes

Before we dive into our interview, let's take a moment to introduce our guest, Claudia Lopes. A gifted Portuguese artist with a flair for comics, webtoons, manga, and concept art, Claudia's journey is as inspiring as it is insightful. Join us as we explore the depths of her creativity and the magic she brings to character crafting. Let's begin

Episode: 34

Join us for an engaging discussion with ⁠Claudia Lopes⁠, a talented Portuguese artist who will explore the realms of comics, webtoons, manga, and concept art. Signed with Manga Editor, Midori Editora, and All Comics, Claudia shares insights into her creative journey and the significance of crafting character backgrounds in this enlightening episode. Discover the magic behind her storytelling prowess and the art of bringing imagination to life! 🎨📚

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