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Portrays of Conflict and Freedom with Visual Artist Hernando Rico Sanchez -Part II

Welcome back to our podcast, where we pick up the conversation with the exceptional artist Hernando Rico Sanchez. In our previous discussion, we delved into how his art serves as a reflection of global conflicts and societal responsibilities. Now, in this second part of our interview, we venture into his role as a curator and glean valuable advice for fellow artists. Join us as we unravel the diverse mediums he employs, the emotional landscapes he navigates, and the techniques he employs to spark compelling dialogues with his audience.

Episode: 25

Welcome back to our podcast, where we continue our conversation with the talented artist ⁠Hernando Rico Sanchez⁠. In the first part of our interview, we discussed how his work reflects the ongoing conflicts and violence in the world and the social responsibility that comes with living in a society marked by such issues. In this second part of the interview, we delve deeper into his work as a curator, and Hernando shares some advice for artists. Join us as we explore the mediums he employs, the emotional responses he seeks to convey, and the techniques he uses to create a compelling dialogue with the viewer.

Artist statement

Hernando's artwork exemplifies the ongoing denouncement of the violence in Colombia, the USA, or any other place that suffers the human condition. The historical research and its use in modern practice promise to continue unabated. Hernando Rico Sanchez produces a realistic voice for people in visual connotation. Each piece reproduces feelings of unbalance and conflict in our ordinary lives. The familiar motif plays amidst us, not to shock or provoke but seep the naked truth from inside. His accent is an emotional response, a style rooted in a mixture of colors theory that attacks the senses. Encompassing reflections of political and social introspect through the use of the human body with or without an identity. This signification reveals a sense of social responsibility. A reality on contrasts with the obscured darkness of his work. One that sometimes hurts, and similes intertwine in eroticism, which can be perceived as a healing abstraction. Although his images suggest being a derivative from a negative space-set, the artist's work's complex colors never extinguish in his soft entangled shapes, which hold a glory of language and sensibilities to the spirit.

His work is an expression of the violence that created a quasi-mimetic attitude of our society. The living idea here becomes free. One question comes strongly to mind. Why is the world like this? If so, how can someone claim to be understanding?

Here the boundaries of control are embraced. The artist is mystical and methodical in his approach to painting, taking blames, respect, criticism, and all the strewn pieces of the social struggle. He presents a blood-soaked thread connecting society into something recognizable and tolerated. The varied mediums enable the artist to express these complex emotions shared by so many fully. Oil, plaster, charcoal, metal, watercolors, and paper provide layers and texture that adds depth and strength to his work, highlighting the authoritarian dimension of the human condition in his two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces.

Noted for Sanchez's profound statement of compassion, the light-touched context here is quite anti-symmetrical to darken the forbidding where one is never static but always moving. To delve into this part of our society on a whole segment, the perspective of violence otherwise kept encased. In the series, a dialogue is continued like a dance. It is a vision that flows from your ears to your eyes, into your mind, to the lips of a listening partner.

"The violence doesn't finish at the end of the war. The consequences will follow the heritage of those violent actions, in our social behavior and way of thinking."

sculpture of a book in wodd , with a key at the center
Hold. Image courtesy of Hernando Rico Sanchez.

Un secuestro II. Image courtesy of Hernando Rico Sanchez.

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