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Reimagining Trash into Art with Environmental NASA Scientist and Sustainable Artist Leslie Espino

Today, we're thrilled to welcome Leslie Espino, a remarkable environmental scientist at NASA and a passionate sustainable artist. Through her captivating art, Leslie fosters spaces of safety and expression, transcending external pressures and internal constraints. As a woman thriving in the traditionally male-dominated domains of STEM and art, she fearlessly navigates these realms, using her creativity to illuminate the concept of safe spaces and share her profound experiences with the world.

Episode: 23

Our guest today is ⁠Leslie Espino⁠, a female environmental scientist working at NASA and a sustainable artist who creates beautiful and inspiring art.

Leslie's art is all about creating safe spaces where she's free to express herself without external or internal expectations. As a woman working in male-dominated fields of STEM and art, she uses her work to explore safe spaces and share her experiences with the world.


I'm Leslie! I am a woman working in a male-dominated STEM field. I create because it is the only time I am free from both external societal expectations and an internal fear of failure. 

I create hand-stitched and layered paper pieces with a storybook feel. These pieces are built from hand-painted paper, often repurposed. I hope these paper stories help viewers rediscover that carefree feeling of not being afraid to have fun and make mistakes too.

All images courtesy of Leslie Espino.

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