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The abstract landscape paintings of Shir Beck

"Joining us today is the renowned abstract painter Shir Beck, hailing from Israel. Beck's mesmerizing art captures the essence of Eilat's landscape, showcasing the interplay between sea and desert through the artist's unique lens. With exhibitions spanning across global art hubs like London, New York, and Venice, Beck's work stands as a testament to their distinguished talent and creative vision.

Episode: 18

With me today we have Israel-based abstract painter Shir Beck, whose practice reflects the landscape of the city of Eilat, depicting the sea and the desert seen from the perspective of the artist. Beck is a very distinguished painter with work exhibited in London, New York, Florida, Tel Aviv and Venice.

Artist Statement

Hello, my name is Shir Beck and I paint in oil and acrylic.

Born in 1990, I was born in Arad, and moved with my family to the city of Eilat.

I studied painting and dance for many years, I danced classical ballet, tap and flamenco.

I attended elementary school and high school in Eilat.

After my military service, I studied industrial design at Studio 6b in Tel Aviv.

I studied art and painting at Eilat College.

I also took a graphic design course.

I worked for the Nature and Parks Authority in Eilat.

The sea and the desert are part of me.

My paintings reflect the landscape of the cities of Eilat,

The sun, the desert sea.

While I was painting with the rag, an unfinished flamenco dance was created for me.

The painting is reminiscent of the clicks on the canvas like the flamenco legs.

My paintings are displayed in different places in the world.

London - Tower Bridge at Boomer Gallery

At ORT School in London

In New York - in Brooklyn, the paintings were displayed on the Brooklyn Boardwalk near the Expo.

In Florida - at the Animators Conference.

Tel Aviv - at the Russian Cultural Center.

My painting is displayed in New York in Time Square on a digital screen.

At the Eilat Museum.

Exhibition in Venice on "Matchbox"

At the David Dead Sea Hotel in the main hall.

My painting appears on the cover of the book "Wonder" by the author David, which has been translated into 9 languages around the world.

My painting is abstract, I show my love for the sea and desert landscape and the dialogue between them.

In the painting of the mountains and the sea, the power of nature and its power in the Gulf of Eilat are expressed,

The palms are a symbol of desert vegetation and experience in the Eternal City of the Sun.

All images courtesy of Shir Beck

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