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The Bluebird of Transformation and Happiness with Impressionist Painter Irina Metz

Join us as we explore the captivating world of artist Irina Metz. In these turbulent times, Irina's work offers a beacon of hope and introspection. Through her paintings, she delves into humanity's journey from chaos to creation, guided by the pursuit of eternal values and the elusive concept of Happiness

Episode: 36

Today, we have the privilege of delving into the fascinating world of artist⁠ Irina Metz⁠. In these turbulent times, where the world seems to teeter on the edge of self-destruction and rebirth, Irina's work stands as a beacon of hope and introspection.

Through her paintings, Irina embarks on a profound exploration of humanity's journey from chaos to creation, a journey guided by the pursuit of eternal values and the elusive concept of Happiness.

Artist statement

Turbulent times make us strive for eternal values. My paintings are my research of world's transformation from self-destruction to re-creation that humanity is passing now, the way towards conscious pursue of Happiness.

I am turning to impressionists' fundamentals, their challenge to capture flashes of emotions, memories and dreams. Re-thinking their approach I am using two similar but conceptually different mediums separately or together. Vivid full-bodied images are created with oil colours linking my art to historical traditions of depicting eternal beauty of human and nature. Acrylic as a modern material implements synthetic canvas of our current living within artificial news and sublimated identities. Abstracts both in oil and acrylic make an important compliment to general concept reflecting deeper feelings and emotions evoked in us by the world.

Through combination of eternal and modern elements pursue of Happiness in my art becomes a key to inner and outer Balance. I wish my paintings help people to live through turbulent times and teaches all of us to treasure moments of Joy, celebration of Beauty and Life as they are.

a still life scene of a old lady preparig food in a agricular setting

a painting of a life scene, where you see a table near the river with flowers

All images courtesy of Irina Metz.

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