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The Rubbish Snooker Phenomenon with Kieran Poole

Dive into a captivating dialogue at the crossroads of art and activism with Kieran Poole, the visionary behind Rubbish Snooker. Explore how this innovative artist from Kent breathes life into discarded litter, crafting stunning mosaics atop outdoor snooker tables to champion environmental consciousness.

Episode: 37

Join us for a unique conversation on the intersection of art and activism with Kieran Poole the founder of ⁠Rubbish Snooker.⁠ Discover how this innovative artist from Kent transforms litter into stunning mosaics atop outdoor snooker tables, merging the worlds of snooker and environmental consciousness. With a background in radio production and comedy, Poole brings a fresh perspective to raising awareness about litter issues. Tune in to learn more about his creative journey and the powerful message behind Rubbish Snooker.

About the art

Rubbish Snooker aims to reduce the number of plastic lids littered. It evolved from Small Snooker which I created during lockdown to entertain my huge number of Instagram followers (249.7 on a good day).

Small Snooker featured trickshots on my tiny childhood table using household objects such as a microwave, saucepan, and wooden spoon. Then, after purchasing an outdoor table, I incorporated litter into the shots. This then led to challenging myself to find enough lids to fill the table. A few months later, it was covered with 1,603 lids producing a mosaic myriad of colour. I realised that this was only the beginning.

About the artist

I am Kieran Poole [insert joke about my middle name being “Rubbishat”] and my background is stand-up comedy and broadcasting. I seem reasonable at those but what is certainly unreasonable is the amount of litter I see on a daily basis. What do you reckon would happen if we all just pot it in the bin?

A snooker table full of lids
Long potting distance by Kieran Poole. Image courtesy of Kieran Poole

Asnooker table fill with botle lids forming the scream painting
The Scream by Kieran Poole. Image courtesy of Kieran Poole

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