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Understanding the built environment – with the artist Clara Bowe

Interdisciplinary artist Clara Bowe art is driven by the need to understand the built environment.

Episode: 05

Today, I have with me the interdisciplinary artist Clara Bowe whose art is driven by the need to understand the built environment, and to communicate how it impacts our lives and our home, earth.

Clara studied Developing and Developed Nations around the world at Franklin University in Switzerland and received a B.A. in Economic History and Environmental Science. Although after several years teaching in formal and informal settings, Clara did a master’s degree in Environmental Conservation Education at New York University, where she focused on marketing and fundraising strategies for Non-profit businesses, working at prestigious institutions, including but not limited to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Rainforest Alliance. In 2020 Clara opened the store, Crewel and Kind, to sell her embroidery and prints, promoting the Central Park project.

Artist Recommendations:

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The Perfect Red By Amy Butler Greenfield

Salt: A World History By Mark Kurlansky

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