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Visual Poetry with Alexandra Bouge

This episode features a conversation with Alexandra Bouge, a multitalented artist whose captivating films, poetry, and visual art have resonated with audiences worldwide. Bouge's thought-provoking work powerfully addresses critical issues of animal welfare, environmental preservation, and social equity, inspiring her audience to reflect on these vital concerns.

Episode: 38

Today, I will be talking with ⁠Alexandra Bouge⁠ whose talents span across filmmaking, poetry, and visual arts. With a creative journey that has captured hearts and minds globally, she has made waves in the art world with a unique blend of evocative storytelling and stunning visual expression that talks about pressing animal rights and environmental and social justice.


I’m a filmmaker, poet and visual artist. In 2023, I was nominated to the Cefalu Film Festival, I have been selected for the Bio Film Festival, in Italy, the La Sur Real Film Festival, in Berlin, the ONED art/experimental film festival, in France, to the Cefalù Film Festival, Italy, to the World Vegan Film Festival Asia, Indonesia and the Animal International Film Festival, Italy. One of my poems has been published in the Mood Muse Collective, HOPE catalogue.

In 2022, I have been selected to the International Short Film Festival accordi @ DISACCORDI, Italy, to the Black Cat Award International Film Festival, Bolivia, to the FIIN, International Nature Image Festival, Portugal, to the Festival of Electronic Music and Video,, Barcelona, to the FIVC, International Screendance Festival of Chile, to the Megacities, Festival du Film Documentaire Court, France, to the festival “Silence ça touille” - Movie and Food Festival, France, to the Neum underwater film festival, Herzegovina, to the Gaia International Film festival – Stories of Lands and Food, Italy, to the Wildlife Vaasa Festival International du film sur la Nature, Finland, to the One Earth Awards Festival in India, to the Festival del Cinema di Cefalù, Italy, to the Women’s International Film Festival Nigeria WIFFEN, and got the Honorable Mention for my film « Modern Agriculture », to the Independent Video Film festival of Youtube Art Club Pavlos Paraschakis, in Greece, to the Clapperboard Golden Festival, in Brazil and to the Rotary Short Film Festival, Rofife in Turkey. My track « Twin Vogue » composed by Vicente Saraiva (feat Bouge Alexandra) have been selected to the Rounded Radio for Going Incognito, (

The book of poetry and drawings entitled “La Peau” published by Urtica editions was republished. My poems have been published in the reviews « Dans les Brumes », «  Haus a Rest  », n° 30, theme «  Boundaries  »  and POJAR, n° 19.

In 2021, I have been selected for the 34th edition of « Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques, » Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille, to the 4th Multicultural Film Festival, Toronto, to the Athens Digital Arts Festival / Hybrid Edition, to the International Short Film Festival DETMOLD, Germany, to the International Ecological Film Festival TO SAVE AND PRESERVE, Russia, to the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, to the Dog Film festival, Italy. 

My drawings were selected in the journal Mass, on the theme of « The Skin » and my poems were published in the journal AreoPoézi, « Wam », n ° 1.

In 2020, I have been selected for the festivals « In Solidarity », Filmmakers Cooperative, New York, to the 9th FriCine - Festival Internacional de Cinema Socioambiental, Rio de Janeiro, to the IMARP - Mostra Internacional de dança - Imagens em Movimento - Video dança, Sao Paulo, Brazil, to the Ratma International Film Festival, Art Category, to the « Video Art Miden film festival », in Greece, « SVOX.TV - Film and Video Arts » in London, « Broken Screen » in Argentina, « CTL 59 Segundos » in Spain, "Just Before Midnight Film Fest" in the United States, to the « The Co19 Project ». 

I've made the voices of a music composed by Vicente Saraiva, "Twin Vogue" at Ishim Records which has been selected for the “Calling Spoken Word and performance Artists: Kensington + Chelsea Art Week 2020”, and in the review MASS, July issue "Movement". 

My paintings have been shown in the « Haus-a-Rest Zine » in London. 

In 2019 I was selected to the festivals "MoziMotion", in Hilversum, Netherlands, "Sinevizyon", in Alsancak, Cyprus, "Aasha International Film Festival", in India, to the Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, to the "World Fest Fest", Italy, to the Music Shorts Film Festival, United States, to the Every Woman Biennial Film Festival, New-York, to the Athens International Digital Film Festival, and to the Festival Romo Côté Courts, France and I'm a finalist of The Las Vegas Global Film Festival, USA. 

I received the Special Jury Prize for my poems in the context of "50 years, Campus Radio", Lille University, France. My poems have been published in the art reviews "Accents poétiques" and "Tout pour le Freak". 

In 2018, I took part in the NuKhuFest festival, in New York, the Inshort Film Festival, in Lagos, Nigeria, the Minute Film Festival of Lille, the Muff, Marseille Underground Film Festival, the Underground Film Festival of Winnipeg, the Rebel Minded Festival, Brooklyn, to the Leyden Gallery in London, to the festivals Videodrome and Embobineuse and I have been published in the anthology "300K, A Poetry Anthology about the Human Race", edited by Walter Ruhlmann.

All images courtesy of Alexandra Bouge.

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