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Water as Connection: The Temporality of the Body in Nature with Artist Luka Ver Elst

Today, we're honored to introduce our guest, Luka Ver Elst—a multi-talented graphist, sound artist, body researcher, dancer, and writer. Join us as we delve into Luka's extraordinary artistic odyssey chronicled in her captivating book, tracing a river's course from source to sea. Through her poignant exploration of the human form, Luka illuminates the intricate connections between self, others, and the natural world.

Episode: 29

Welcome back to another episode, today's guest is ⁠Luka Ver Elst⁠, a graphist, sound artist, body researcher, dancer, and writer. We connected through a remarkable book she wrote chronicling her five-week adventure tracing a river from its source to its mouth. Luka´s artistic journey is a poignant exploration of the human form, illuminating its profound connections to itself, others, and the surrounding environment.

A river beneath a river'

A river beneath a river' is a practice-led book on my love for swimming and sound. It follows one journey from a river's source to its mouthing and another through ecological awareness and a changing relationship with natural environments in which I think 'with' other people's resonances on the subject.

Invisible Presence

'Invisible Presence' is an environmentally engaged performance which questions losing, remembrance and the preserving of a place. It listens to the human energies, resonances, information held in places and sites. The body operates in function of generating material to be recorded. Arranging delicate changes. The audience witnesses a coming together of an apocalyptic sphere with a bodily sensuality, considering the performer as an element in the space to be ‘with’ the material.

All images courtesy of Luka Ver Elst.

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