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🎙️ Welcome to Season 3 of the Podcast! 🌿

As we kick off Season 3 of 'Insights of an Eco Artist,' I'm thrilled to continue our journey together. I'm Joana Alarcão, your host, and I'm excited to delve even deeper into the dynamic intersection of art, culture, and the pressing issues that shape our world. This season, we'll dive into the stories of eco, social, and political artists from around the globe, uncovering their inspirations and efforts to drive positive change. Join me as we explore how creativity and ecology unite to spark meaningful transformation. Stay connected, stay informed, and let's embark on this inspiring journey together!

Join me, Joana Alarcão, your host and a passionate eco-artist, curator, and writer, as we embark on an inspiring journey through the realms of art, culture, and the pressing issues that shape our world. In this podcast, we'll explore the dynamic intersection of creativity and ecology, examining the profound impact of art on society and the environment.

🌍 Discover Global Art : Delve into art from every corner of the globe. With a keen focus on eco, social and political artists, we'll uncover their stories, their inspirations, and their efforts to drive positive change.

🌱 Ecology and Creativity Unite: Art has the power to speak to our hearts and minds, and when intertwined with ecological consciousness, it becomes a catalyst for meaningful transformation. Through insightful discussions and thought-provoking dialogues, we'll explore how art can ignite environmental awareness and foster sustainable practices.

🗞️ Stay Informed with Art World Updates: Our podcast will keep you informed about captivating exhibitions, innovative projects, and breakthroughs within the realm of contemporary art.

📱 Connect and Stay Tuned: Don't miss a single episode! Make sure to follow "Insights of an Eco Artist" on your favorite podcast app. For even more content, behind-the-scenes insights, and updates, follow us on ⁠Instagram⁠ and have a look at our ⁠Patreon⁠ page. Visit our ⁠website⁠ to learn more about the platform and the show. 

Together, we'll explore the intricate relationship between art, culture, and the environment, uncovering how artists are using their creativity to advocate for positive change.

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