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Contemporary Art / Social-Political and Environmental Art Interventions.

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Echoes of Liberation: The Practice of Ghinwa Yassine

Step into the multidimensional world of Ghinwa Yassine, a Lebanese anti-disciplinary artist based on the ancestral lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples, known as Vancouver. Through a diverse array of mediums, from film to installation, performance to text, Yassine challenges entrenched ideologies and patriarchal systems while delving into collective consciousness and the complexities of identity.

Joana Alarcão
Magazine volume II

Volume II

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Insights of an Eco Artist is an international art  publication that features selected artists and writers from around the globe with a high focus on contemporary art and those tackling issues of social and ecological justice.

Voices of Dissent - Art & Politics

Artwork from Sean Alistair

Embracing 'Otherness' in Art: An Interview with Luminara Florescu

In this illuminating interview, we sit down with Luminara Florescu, a multidisciplinary artist whose work transcends conventional boundaries. From her early days in London's vibrant art scene to her current role as a curator, producer, and advocate for sustainable, inclusive art, Florescu's journey is one marked by resilience and a commitment to embracing the often-overlooked aspects of our shared existence. Join us as we delve into her artistic background, her unique approach to gentle protest and creative activism, and the transformative power of her Rest As Protest movement.

Joana Alarcão

17 de janeiro de 2024

Artwork from Sijia Chen

Brushing Against Shadows: Exploring Racial Identity with Jeff Musser

Joana Alarcão

Artwork from Sijia Chen

Championing Environmental Advocacy Through Art: An Interview with Phil Barton

Joana Alarcão

Green + Just


Underground Art and Design (UAAD)

Step into the world of Underground Art and Design (UAAD), a dynamic collective, pioneering artistic expression and innovation since 2022. From immersive exhibitions to global partnerships, UAAD's creative endeavors transcend borders, sparking cultural dialogue and shaping the future of art and design.

Copy of Green.jpg

In the sixth interview of this series, we introduce you to a remarkable artist and innovator, Yulia Shtern. With a rich background in both theatre design and visual arts, Yulia has ventured into a world where creativity meets environmental consciousness.
In this episode, Yulia will share her insights and experiences in the realm of sustainable artistry and will reveal how she has harnessed the power of up-cycled materials to create meaningful, environmentally conscious works of art.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Green.jpg

Today, we are privileged to sit down with a truly exceptional artist, Michaela Morse, the last artist from the i3C Group. Her journey as an interdisciplinary artist is a profound exploration of the interconnectedness between people and materials. From her early focus on clothing and textiles to her current exploration of food and agricultural processes, Michaela's work prompts us to consider our relationship with the world around us.

Art & Culture

Artwork from Krystof Novotny

Nature's Symphony: Exploring the Practice of Judit Prieto

In this review, explore nature's symphony with artist Judit Prieto and get submerged into the captivating world of her series 'Seven Forests - Seven Continents,' where art intertwines with environmental advocacy to provoke reflection and inspire action. Join us as we explore Prieto's profound reverence for the Earth and her tireless efforts to protect its beauty.

Joana Alarcão


Chromatic Chronicles: Exploring Societal and Political Atmospheres Through Peter Wiseman's Lens

Joana Alarcão


Children of Maticni
by Gulbin Ozdamar Akarcay

Joana Alarcão

artwork Laura Donkers

In conversation: Susan Beaulah

In this interview, artist Susan Beaulah shares her remarkable journey documenting the Kerala Chakara, a captivating fishing phenomenon along the Southern coast of India. Over two decades, Beaulah meticulously captured over a hundred watercolor studies, navigating the challenges of close observation amidst the curious gazes of local fisherfolk.

Joana Alarcão

In conversation: Lauren Saunders

Joana Alarcão


In conversation: Dot Young

Joana Alarcão


In conversation: Anne Krinsky

Joana Alarcão


In conversation: Delnara El

Joana Alarcão

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