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Contemporary Art / Social-Political and Environmental Art Interventions.

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Power of Empathy in Contemporary Atmospheres: Unveiling the Profound Narratives in Holly Sabine Nerreter's Practice

In her poignant mixed media drawings, Holly Sabine Nerreter delves into the stories of women, senior citizens, and the homeless. With "Protect the Past to Save the Future," sparked by outrage over the mistreatment of older individuals during the pandemic, Nerreter intricately details every wrinkle to challenge ageism and ensure their stories are heard. Through her compelling work, she urges us to embrace our elders, offering a profound reminder of their wisdom and beauty.

Joana Alarcão
Magazine volume II

Volume II

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Insights of an Eco Artist is an international art  publication that features selected artists and writers from around the globe with a high focus on contemporary art and those tackling issues of social and ecological justice.

Voices of Dissent - Art & Politics

Artwork from Sean Alistair

Championing Environmental Advocacy Through Art: An Interview with Phil Barton

In the realm of Eco Art, Phil Barton stands as a dedicated practitioner, weaving a profound commitment to the natural and built environment into his creative endeavors. With a lifelong dedication to fostering collaboration across diverse communities and organizations, Phil Barton employs a hands-on approach to environmental issues, urging practical actions to address the pressing challenges faced by our planet.
This interview delves into Barton's unique approach, examining the intersection of art, science, and activism, and the pivotal role it plays in raising awareness and inspiring positive change.

Joana Alarcão

20 de novembro de 2023

Artwork from Sijia Chen

Working-Class Activism: An Interview with Helen Carr

Joana Alarcão

Artwork from Sijia Chen

Artistic Activism and Social Reflection: A Conversation with Pomidor Group

Joana Alarcão

Green + Just


Montello foundation

Welcome to the Montello Foundation interview, where we speak with its founder Stefan Hagen. The Montello Foundation Retreat, nestled in its serene natural surroundings, offers a haven for artists seeking respite and inspiration. It serves as a sanctuary for artists from various disciplines, providing them with the time and space to cultivate their craft and connect with the environment.