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Contemporary Art / Social-Political and Environmental Art Interventions.

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In conversation: Michael Kwong

Michael Kwong is a pop art and abstract expressionist painter creating art pieces that combining eastern culture characteristic and western painting technique together.

Insights of an Eco Artist Team

Issue II November

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Insights of an Eco Artist is an international art  publication that features selected artists and writers from around the globe with a high focus on contemporary art and those tackling issues of social and ecological justice.


Sea, Solitude

Sea, Solitude

An Anthology of the Ocean and Those Who Call it Home
- project by Meg Peters

Searching for authenticity artist Antonis Tsrouchas reflects individual and societal pressures.

by Joana Alarcão

Questioning current global atmospheres: artist Ken Clarry develops societal and non-violent political art interventions

by Joana Alarcão